Self-Guided Tour Brochures

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Download one of our unique walking or driving tours:

Downtown Athens - Carry this tour as you stroll through the local historic district full of shops, restaurants, and pubs. Watch UGA students walk around the arch and soak in the atmosphere at one of the many outdoor dining areas.

Milledge Avenue - Home to many UGA sorority and fraternity chapter houses, this tour will tell you about the families who once claimed these large stately homes as single family residences. Take note of President’s corner at Milledge and Broad and look close to see the iron dog statue that was used in Gone With the Wind

Dearing Street - One of Athens’ local historic districts, Dearing Street, boasts a wide selection of House styles, from the most grand, to the most modest. Be sure to make your way to the Tree that Owns Itself, at the corner of Finley Street and Dearing.

African American Driving Tour - Since these sites are spread throughout the City, it’s best to use your car to see Hot Corner, the historic Reese and Hancock neighborhoods, and the Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery.

Civil War Tours of Athens - Separated into 3 areas, the Civil War tours are a great chance to see sites in Athens that played a role during the Civil War. From the world’s only double-barreled canon, to the newly restored T.R.R. Cobb House the tours will guide your through Antebellum Athens.

Athens Music History Tour - Developed by the Athens Welcome Center and the Flagpole Magazine, the Music History Tour is a comprehensive approach to all the places that have made Athens the music mecca that it is today.